Monday, 18 April 2016

Woman Shares Experience Of Injuries She Sustained When She Visited Her Online Boyfriend

While online dating has its advantages, the negative part of it can also discourage one from relating with people on social media. 
Miss Kat Berry, from Australia has narrated the ordeal she went through when she finally met her facebook boyfriend who they got talking, met sometimes last year and got r@ped.
Via her facebook page recently, she had this to say:
On October 17th 2015, I went on a date with a man I had been talking to on the dating site, Plenty Of Fish. It started well, we met at a pub for a drink and, because it was going well, we decided to get more drinks and go back to my place. For about 5hrs we talked, laughed and watched music videos on youtube.
It was fun, but there was nothing sexual there. Until I decided I'd had way too much to drink and I needed to go to bed. That's when he got violent;he attacked and raped me. These photos only show the bruising to one of my thighs, one of my breasts, a few on my arms, collar bone and my neck. It doesn't show the rest of the damage he did. A few people already know this. What no one knows is of what scars I have under my boobs, around my vagina, my clitoris, or the internal damage done. I did finally go to the police but unfortunately he gave me a fake name, he changed his phone number and deleted his dating profile. Bendigo police had nothing to go on,but documented everything anyway. This man was caught a couple of months ago in Qld.
He did this to two other females and luckily they were more help to police than what I was. Long story short- I finally got the phone call tonight. Being a business owner,an 'outstanding member of his community' and because he comes from money, he was found 'not guilty' to all charges. His identity has been protected as to not tarnish his business and family. I still don't get to know his name. He gets to stay in Qld, safe and free.
I don't want sympathy. I just want to show how fucked our justice system is. And now this is all done, I can finally share my story. And to warn any single friends - BE FUCKING CAREFUL!!  
Just please be aware, and Please. Oh, AND DON'T DO THIS SHIT TO OTHER PEOPLE

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