Thursday, 12 May 2016

Are We Really in a One Chance Government?

March 28th 2015, was a day in the minds and hearts of the vast majority of Nigerians who were able to successfully boot out a ruling party who had been in power for 16 solid years who thought they had no  defeating possibilities.

It was also in that moment that Nigerians were filled with hopes and aspirations that our country would be in a better situation under the candidate they voted into power, President Muhammadu Buhari. This was due to the ‘Change’ Mantra the All Progressive Congress instilled in the average Nigerian psyche and also the past records of Buhari when he was President in the military regime.
With the series of events (economic downturn, delay in budget signing, fuel scarcity, and the new fuel subsidy removal) that has led the situation we find ourselves in, one cannot help but wonder whether the promises the ruling party made is being fulfilled our we have entered a one chance ticket on the way to the land of the unknown.

The last straw which seem to be breaking the camel’s back is the removal of fuel subsidy. This is the first time I see heavy political comrades sing a different tune in the support of the President’s policy as it is glaring it is not in favour of the common man, due to the bad economic state we are witnessing.

Anybody who recall one of the promises made by the APC government was to reduce the price of fuel from N86 to N40 if elected into power. A year in government now we are seeing price officially increased almost double of the price we used to buy. The only hope Nigerians are now banking on is to see what the government would do now that the budget is at the disposal to working for 2016 and hop good policies would be implemented to ease our hardship.

The government should do the needful in ensuring that our inflation rate reduces to it barest minimum because this hardship is not worth it.

The government should realize that which while it is important to embark on careful planning, time is of the essence. Four years in power seems far and it does not take much of a blink of an eye before the time elapse. We are tired of hearing statements like we are trying to fix the so called mess of the opposition party. The mess has been made… Clean it up!!! The so called technocrats ruling us should understand that blame game has never worked for anybody who wants to achieve something in life. This is probably the major set back that is not allowing this government succeed. If this continues, personally, I do not see any other thing useful the government can offer if this mentality does not come to a halt.

The only thing I know was taken quick action upon in Nigeria is the issue of insecurity in the North Eastern part of Nigeria. We no longer hear much cases of Boko Haram attacks which used to be rampant. Someone will shout that it was the works of the previous government that Buhari took advantage off to relatively win the war against insurgency. I say that one took actions, the other was sort of weak to take actions against the war on terror due to reasons best known to them at the time.
Now, under the reigning government, a new militant group has erupted ‘The Niger-Delta Avengers’. This is the perfect opportunity for the Federal government to prove their worth and show Nigerians that they are also capable of bringing them to their knees and bring an end to militancy in the Niger-Delta.

Nigerians, we are the ones who voted the government into power, as such we have no choice than to ride along in the train we have entered as no other option seems feasible at the moment. I respect Nigerians in the resilient and persistent ability to withstand the harsh conditions we have been in since 1999. We have proven against all odds that no matter the condition in, we still survive. If there is any other country I would love to come back to if there is ever such a thing as the next life, it would definitely be Nigeria. Long live our great nation

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