Friday, 13 May 2016

Jokes: Illiteracy Is A Disease

A student failed JAMB examination 5 times. One day she traveled to visit her friend in UNIBEN. She fell sick and was admitted to a hospital there. She later called her mum and the following conversation ensued:

GIRL: Hello ma
Mum: The place is silent where are you?
MUM:Woow finally thank God o. 
GIRL: I was admitted. 
MUM: That's great o. God has disgraced the witches and wizard in your father's compound that don't want you to go to school.(laughing and dancing).
GIRL: Mama na malaria o. 
MUM: Malaria is a good course o my daughter pleas take it serious. 
GIRL: I will be discharged tomorrow. 
MUM: God forbid my daughter!!! You go complete your four years course over there .
GIRL: God punish illiteracy!!! 
MUM: Amen,....i heard that the lecturers there are wicked.

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