Sunday, 8 May 2016

Jokes: Murder Case

5 friends live in 1 apartment. Their names are Mad, Brain, Somebody, Nobody and Fool. Somebody killed Nobody at the time Brain was in the bathroom, so Mad called the Police. Mad said  "Is that the Police station?" Police said - "Yes, what is the matter? "

Mad said - " Somebody killed Nobody"
Police said - "Are you Mad? "
Mad said - "Yes i am Mad "
Police said - " Do you have Brain?"
Mad said - " Brain is in the bathroom"
Police said - " You Fool"
Mad said - " No sir, Fool is the one reading this message"
Please pass it on to another Fool, Please forgive me, I was a victim too and I can not be fool alone, Sorry, Have a nice day, lol, have fun!!!

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