Monday, 23 May 2016

Man Performs Crazy Stunt To Propose To His Girlfriend, Crashes Into a Tree (PICS)

Women love it with their man pull up a surprise and do something romantic to propose to them.  A man in China decided he was going to undergo a risky action of riding on a parachute in the sky and land in front of her to propose to her. 

Unfortunately for him, nature decided to tell him 'holup ni**a' as wind blew him off course which made him crash into a tree.
It had to take the efforts of firefighters to get him to safety. The good part of it is that he was unhurt after the rescue.
Well the story does not end there... Keep on seeing more photos before i drop the killer. More photos after the cut
Ehen as i was saying... Upon all his efforts to wow his woman, she still ended up rejecting his marriage proposal which left him stunned. Chai what a pity....If na me, she go refund the money wey i use get the parachute. lol

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