Sunday, 8 May 2016

Man Scammed While Trying To Get Afrocandy's Mojo Videos

So a man ventured into the business of trying to procure exclusive kpansh videos of Nigeria's p*rn actress Afrocandy but unfortunately, he entered one chance while trying to get them.

He is reported to have paid the sum of N10,000 to an unknown scammer in form of recharge to a parody Afrocandy.When he contacted Afrocandy herself, it was then she explained to him that it was all lies.

Her statement to the development reads thus:

"Look at what Scammers are using my name and image for, I announce it all the time warning my fans but y'all don't listen. God will punish these Scammers when I catch them. Can you imagine this? I left Nigeria since 12 years ago moved to the USA never voted in Nigeria do not have a voters card and they created all these to Scam my Fans? I had to scratch out the mans name and picture for privacy Nd security reasons, look at this. Is this right? I know the hardship in Nigeria is too much but to this extent?"
She then posted pictures of their chat and the means the scammer used to achieve their means.

Check it out below:

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