Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Transparency International Blasts David Cameron Over Comment Made About Nigeria

After Prime Minister of Britain, David Cameron stated publicly that Nigeria is a 'Fantastically Corrupt'  nation, transparency International, which is an international group that seek to help nations fighting corruption and abuse of power has released a statement to blast him for making such remark.

Read statement below:

“There is no doubt that historically, Nigeria and Afghanistan have had very high levels of corruption, and that continues to this day.  But the leaders of those countries have sent strong signals that they want things to change, and the London Anti-Corruption Summit creates an opportunity for all the countries present to sign up to a new era.  This affects the UK as much as other countries: We should not forget that by providing a safe haven for corrupt assets, the UK and its Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies are a big part of the world’s corruption problem.”
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