Monday, 9 May 2016

Whoa!!! This Is What Might Happen If You Ask Davido For a Refund For a Show

Just imagine a scenario where you paid money into Davido's account for a show which he did not turn up for. You go to his house to demand for your money and he reacts in a way you never expect.

In actuality, a TV show called 'The Bigger Friday Show' on MTV Base, pranked him and cooked up a story like that. It just happened that they went to his house for such a purpose and instead of reasoning with them to clarify such misunderstanding, he went all ham on them and was beating and throwing water on them violently to send them away from his house.

When things for heated up, they had to reveal their identity and it became a laughing matter. Davido at the end told them that they were lucky it was all a prank. Such disturbing don't you think?

Watch video below and see the whole drama

Video credit: The Bigger Friday Show

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