Monday, 16 May 2016

You Will Not Believe How Much Floyd Mayweather Spends On His Hair Weekly

Chai money dey where e dey. Retired boxer, Floyd Mayweather, who is known well to flaunt money upandan like as if he has a money machine in his bedroom has been exposed on how much he spends on his hair weekly.

According to TMZ, he gets his hair shaved two or three times on a weekly basis. According to them who got in contact with his personal hair stylist (picture above),  Jackie Starr -- Mayweather's personal shape up queen while in training and out -- who tells us Mayweather pays a pretty penny to look so pretty.
"It's $1,000 per cut."

Starr says she met Floyd in 2001 but didn't start splitting his wig until 2009, in which time she's become the only barber who cuts his hair home or abroad ... MULTIPLE TIMES PER WEEK.

"I cut his hair two times a week, three times is pushing it, but then it also depends on the occasion." Adding, "If he's in training I will cut him Monday, Wednesday and Friday."

On a real, if he spends $3k in a week, $12k in a month to barb skin, this woman does not need to barb any other person naaa.How much will his hair cream now cost?

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