Sunday, 19 June 2016

Chineke!!! Some Fans Can Ask Unneccesary Questions Sha... See What Someone Asked Toolz

Official Mrs. Tolu Demuren Aka Toolz uploaded the picture you see above which made fans gush about how sexy her body is and all (you know how e dey be na). Just as we know human nature, some people were reasonable with their comments, others really need to receive some atom of sense.

Among the comments was where a guy was asking for a space for him to marry her along side with her husband. Now why would a guy be using style to ask a married woman out if it is no other reason than mischief?
Anyways that is not the crux of the gist sef. Read the comment below circled in green to see what was asked about her personal life in her marriage

Hmmm i wonder if they need his permission for them to start 'doing it'?

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