Tuesday, 14 June 2016

How OJB Jezreel Planned Spending His 50th Birthday Before He Died

Unfortunate incident occurred this morning when we were slammed with the news that ace producer and singer, OJB Jezreel got his one way ticket to the next world. Prior to that, he was already making plans for his 50th birthday celebration next month.

In an interview with Encomium Magazine, he revealed how he had intended celebrating it before his painful demise.

Read below:

“I think the first thing I really want to do is to have a quiet moment with my family, because as you are aware from 2013 till now it’s been a rolling stone of challenges health-wise and for some reasons I’m still alive, so that day, I really don’t want too much noise and celebration. I just want it to be a day for myself, family and God. But after that day, we can turn up and paint the town all the colours you want (laughs).”

So sad, Well only God knows why he decided to take him out of this cruel world. Only Him knows best.

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