Monday, 13 June 2016

Jokes: Igbo Mother And Daughter

An Igbo woman has a child that is an actress. One day as she was watching one of her daughter's movie, her daughter had an accident where one motor hit her down. Seeing this, the woman started crying that her daughter is dead oo. 

The following day her daughter came home feeling excited. Her mother was surprised because just recently she had an accident. Then her mother asked her:: "You had an accident and you are healthy like this, what happened??"  Her daughter started laughing uncontrollably,she now said to her mother "Have you forgotten that it is a movie? Do you know how much I was paid just because I had that accident? #100 000!!!!" 

Her mother looking surprised, "eee Nwa m, hundred gini?"

The following day as her daughter was set to travel back, her mother said wait dear let me pray for you, She started her prayers thus:

"As you are going back my daughter, Dangote truck will jam you, luxurious will jam, just that small car jamed you and you got 100k, infact my daughter train go jam You,catapilar even aeroplane go jam you oo,
in Jesus name ,Amen!!!" 

Her daughter was like, heeeeeweeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

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