Monday, 27 June 2016

OAP Freeze Blast Those Who Always Form Fake Accent

In a video posted by popular OAP Freeze, he has voiced out to blast all those who are in the habit of forming new accent especially when they visit a new country and return.

This came after an international news of a woman who woke up with a new accent after a surgery she underwent.
He was particular about his fellow OAPs and Nigerian women who are fond of this which he wrote thus:

"Oyinbo people sha..... How could they say that 'Foreign accent syndrome' is rare and bizarre? It happens everyday here to Nigerian babes and radio presenters! Once they get a visa to Dubai or Malaysia they automatically fall ill with this sickness.

We Radio personalities have been known to contract this incurable illness, as soon as a microphone is switched on. Symptoms include mild to severe attitude change, hallucinations, slurring or exaggerating the letter 'R' and overnight BRITISH or American accent, or in rare cases a combination of both British and American accents.

It can't be cured but symptoms can somewhat be managed, though prognosis is not good, and 90% of the time, identity can become blurred and personality disoriented, leading to various degrees of psychological problems********

I have some pills that sort of worked for me, so if you can recommend someone with this illness maybe I can give them some of mine"

Hehehe but guys too also fake accent na... Esp when they see porsche women who are also forming phonetics to impress them.

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