Tuesday, 28 June 2016

See How Laura Ikeji's Fans Get Scammed of Late (PICS)

Laura Ikeji, sister to blogger Linda Ikeji recently posted an advert to bring people who would join her in her fashion business.

A scammer decided it was time to bring market to herself by impersonating Laura into duping fans.

The scammer, who is reported to be female, opened a fake Laura Ikeji Page actually titled "Laura Ikeji Page" where she got in contact with other ladies who asked them to pay the sum of N4050 for her to send a '14 digit' pin where they can register.
When this was brought to the notice of Laura, she posted screenshots of that the scammer had been doing so that innocent people will not be jonzed in future. Read her caption below:
This life sef!!!!

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