Thursday, 14 July 2016

Can You Eat This Chicken? (PICS)

The breed is known as Ayam Cemani originating from Indonesia. It is a weird one. Like chicken burnt alive and refuses to die. Everything in it is black all the way from its skin, bones, eyes, ears, combs, wattles. Organs like liver, lungs and heart.... Even the color of the egg is black... A very special and weird breed indeed. 

It's among the most expensive chicken breeds in the world. A fully grown chicken could cost you $2000. As in the chicken be like gold mine for the animal world. The blackness is due to a genetic trait known as fibromelanosis in which the cells tend to have too much melanin, which in turn affects the complexion of their skin.The breed is so rare and that's why it's so expensive.

See more photos below:

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