Sunday, 3 July 2016

Check Out This Tree That Bares Fruit In The Shape Of Women (PICS)

A sacred tree which bares fruits in the shape of women has been pictured in a forest in Thailand. This particular mystery tree has caused a global debate to the authenticity of this fruit as some doubt it actually exist, while others concur with it as it is a Thailand myth of the Nariphon tree.
According to the myth, it  states that the Nariphon tree was planted by a Buddhist god Indra in a forest, when his wife, Vessantara used to pick food in the forest.

The myth states that strange creatures used to attack her. In a bid to stop the assault, Indra decided he would plant the Nariphon to are fruits that looked like Vessantara so that it would confuse the creature.

Whenever they knack her , they would fall asleep for four months and lose their powers.

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