Sunday, 31 July 2016

Couple Wed On Hospital Bed After Groom Had An Accident (PICS)

 James Goss wedding, which he spent about £36,000 for their wedding took another drama when he was involved in he fell and broke his leg during their pre-wedding cruise. He was receiving treatment for five days till doctors realized his leg would not heal on the wedding day.


Even though he felt that he had ruined his wife, Steph dream wedding at the alter she still insisted that the wedding would go on as planned - in the hospital. The wedding night was spent at the hospital ward.

Steph, 30, says:
“The staff pushed my bed next to James so we could be together.

"But then they woke us up at 5am to take blood from him, so that kind of ruined the moment!
“Getting married in the hospital was making the best of what seemed like a disastrous situation.
“But it made me realise what mattered was not the venue or the cost – it was just us being together and showing how much we cared for each other.In fact, our wedding day was just perfect, because we stripped away all the glamour and the trimmings and it was all about our love.”

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