Friday, 29 July 2016

Disabled Man Gives His Space For a Little Girl To Have a Kidney Transplant, Then This Happened

A disabled man, Mesut Irvul, 31, from Agri, Turkey was in the hospital along with many patients to undergo kidney transplant and dialysis visit. A little girl was also present there for the same reason. From the kindness of his heart, he decided to allow her go in before him when a kidney was available. 

When news got around, a wealthy man decided to buy him a bike (picture above) which would help him whenever he wants to transport himself to the hospital. Unfortunately for him, he had an accident with the bike which cost him his life, despite many effort for doctors to revive him.

The accident happened on July 20th while he was doing a reversing maneuver and his vehicle rolled down an embankment.

Doctors at Dogubayazit State Hospital treated him before he was transferred to Agri State Hospital for surgery to stop bleeding on the brain. Unfortunately, he died seven days later.

Irvul was 19 years old when both his kidneys stopped working and became dependent on dialysis to stay alive. Last year he was told he would be getting his kidney transplant which he then passed up on. Irvul said at the time that he did not regret his decision and that he would do the same thing again.

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