Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Guys, Do You Agree To This Relationship Advise This Sexy Grandpa Gave?

This Texan grand dad Irvin Randle, popularly called #MrStealYourGrandma dished out an advise to guys who tells their women to meet their father whenever she tax him. In his opinion, he says she should also deny him of s*x.

This caused a serious controversy on social media as guys did not find his words ok, as they gave him a piece of their minds via comments.

Read reactions below:

Personally though, for as long as both parties are dating, he is meant to show he is capable of taking care of her no matter how little. Not that she should place that as a priority whenever they are together.

What says you?

See pictures of why Irivin is called #MrStealYourGrandma 

Abeg whose grandpa is this?
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