Friday, 15 July 2016

Hadiza Bala Usman: An Inspiration To Modern Women


Ladies and Gentle men, meet the lady of the moment, the envy of many, the lady whose star is shining out bright... for sure any woman who have claimed up to the mountain up to that level where this woman is standing must surely be gossiped and envied by many.

For Sure Hadiza I envy you! well, I met her first during the BBOG inaugural and protest period which she led. seing her I knew that for sure the struggle has a future. it is always not normal for protests in Nigeria to have the mass participation of much women in the northern Nigeria. it has always the men protesting. but with the coming of Hadiza Bala Usman and others into the written History of Nigerian protests, the rhythm actually changed. in Abuja during the BBOG campaign. for the first time a woman led a protest and I followed.
I envied her courage, her guts, and her bold heart. infact She is a source of inspiration to modern womanhood. My second encounter with her was in the campaign council of Mallam Nasiru Elrufa'i, I first of all got jealous of her as whenever I come across her, she puts up a particular face unknown to me that she was under severe stress as the position she occupied in the council was such that she was the door into the engine room; so therefore, any woman with such responsibility can hardly have time for just pleasantries all thanks to Bello Elrufa'i who took his time to explain that to me. 

Her hard work didn't just end there as Mallam Nasiru entrusted her with the position of his chief of staff, she became super busy. I can still remember our last protest when we trecked alongside Mock Samuel Kure, Yusuf Smoke, Idris Mohammed along with other comrades from Murtala Square to the Govt House and met Mallam Nasirus absence. 

Hadiza came down from her high placed, warned the security apparatus that were already chanting with busy body to stay away from intimidating us. she took her time to listen and also gave us assurance that the govt will look into the matter. That protest is the key to the door of the present anti corruption war that is moving Nigeria forward today.
Another encounter was when the Southern Kaduna Apc Youth Stake Holders demanded for the ears of the Govt. Hadiza along with Uba Sani avail themselves to listen to our yearnings as the governor was unavoidably absent and after that meeting, a lot of things took a better dimension. She has done her best for Kaduna state even among agitations from wailers that she is not from Kaduna State. 

But my question is, she was more or less the Finance Director in the Elrufai campaign Train. if you feel so, then why did you not reject her during the campaigns? Today she has been called upon for a more tasking task. for sure I am in no doupt that Hadiza can deliver. she has done it before, and she will do it again. 

WE ARE PROUD OF YOU. YOU ARE A STRONG GIRL INDEED, OUR SUPPORT AND PRAYER WILL GO WITH YOU. Pls Note: For those complaining, see it as the will of God just like I do. your shouting and complaining will not change anything. 


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