Saturday, 30 July 2016

Hmmm, Life Before The Coming Of Social Media (PICS)

Social media was created in the year 1997 for use of communication ans sharing of information from one point to the other. It did not gain popularity in Nigeria until towards 2003.

Currently, social media is used by many people including little children and the elderly which has its positive and negative effects.
But lets focus on the children right now... Once upon a time, children had little to worry about except the basic of life and enjoying their innocence and freedom without having to bother about the harsh realities of the world. Now that children are being indulged to social media usage, it has added so much  complexities to their way of think, more than many adults would.

One cannot help but wonder what the future holds for our modern kids if they departs for what used to be learnt in our childhood days.

See more pictures below and see if you can relate to them... How many children still play like these?

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