Wednesday, 20 July 2016

John Dumelo Reveals Why He Reconciled with His BFF, Yvonne Nelson

Last year, Ghana actor John Dumelo was in a heated beef with his fellow colleague and BFF, Yvonne Nelson over their political views. 

While John Dumelo was in support of their president John Dramani Mahama, Yvonne was opposing the epileptic power supply the rocked their nation back then. This made them go at loggerheads which made them stop getting in contact. 

Yesterday, the two made up and shared photos of themselves all loved up where they shared a kiss. 
Via John's social media handle, he explained the situations that prompted to make up and get back to being besties.

Read below:

"We might have different political ideologies. Our views might be different on many subjects, but at the end of the day we need to set a good example to people. Peace is one of the things I preach when I tour Ghana. So how can I preach peace when I'm not at peace with my friends? What example am i setting. God forbid but if your friend you don't talk to dies, what will u go and say at the burial? Are you even going to attend the burial? What at all do we achieve when we say we dont want to talk to someone again? Doesn't God forgive us when we sin? Yet we cant forgive our Neighbour when they go wrong. We are our own enemies. We create our own problems. Let's all reach out to those we have issues with. Let's just pick the phone and send a message. Put your pride aside. Together, we can move like a force! Great seeing u yday"

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