Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Jokes: Akpos and His Madam

A married woman needed some satisfaction but her husband traveled that day. She couldn’t bear it, so she begged their house boy Akpos to colombi her.

After their sandwich exercise, Akpos told the woman “From today, you will be addressing me with sir”
“For what nah! Are you insane?” Said the woman. Akpos said “See if you talk too much I will tell your husband”.

The woman regretted her foolish act. Since then Akpos no longer respected her nor obey her orders.

So one day, she called Akpos and they held this conversation:

Wife:“Please what should I do or buy for you so that we live as nothing happened between us”?
Akpos: “Ehmm! Now you are talking. Just give it to me one more time and everything will be over."
 Wife:“Again! That’s too hard for me”
Akpos: “I can see you are not serious” says Akpos
Wife: “Ok! Fine. Tomorrow when my husband goes to work you come to my room.”

As the man stepped out of the house the next morning, Akpos immediately sneaked in. When he was done removing his clothes, the woman started shouting “R*pist! R*pist!”. The husband rushed in from where he was hiding outside. “Honey! You see what I had been telling you” says the wife.

Guess what happened to Akpos?

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