Saturday, 9 July 2016

Jokes: Imagine What I Have Been Thinking About

Sometimes i will just sit down jeje on my own and some thoughts will just pop up in my head. I try to discard them but all my efforts prove abortive. Some like:

1. Like going to the aboki selling suya to taste all the meat and at the end of the day not buying any and run away
2. Ehn, something like TICKLING the okada man carrying me on the road on my way home (wetin go happen, i no know o)
3. Sometimes i feel like putting Kerosene in the freezer to see if it will become ICED KEROSENE .
4. Going to the CINEMA with lots of AGALUMO instead of POPCORN and sit at the back, then STONE
people in the front with the SEED (shebi dey will kukuma off light)
5. Sometime i feel like slapping 2 soldiers at the same time and then run away.
6. Make i just dey waka for road make i just see N10million person no dey use (na who wan lost am).
7 Some times i feel like open the lion's cage, and give it a warm hug thinking it would have a rethink of being carnivorous (E dey happen for hollywood na)

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