Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Jokes: My Experience At an ATM Stand

Jeje mi oo........ I been dey stand for queue at an ATM stand waiting for my turn to withdraw the last change i wan use for weekend. Suddenly, one fine geh... yellow paw paw try shunt and stepped in front of me... Just like that!!!

The issue vex me sotey i gas query her action. She start  to form grammarian for me and this is how our conversation started:

Girl: why do you lackmanners?
Me: eh! Na so una go dey speak English make pesin fear una abi
fine girl: what is this one saying?
Me: how will you just enter my front without an excuse.
Fine girl: that is my chance now.
Me: Your watin?
Fine girl: my chance.
Me: where were u when i joined the line?
Fine girl: ehh! So u are asking me where were me eehh!
Me: {surprised} yes! "...were were me..."
fine girl: Were me not here when u join the rope... Ehh sorrryyy... I meant line.
Me: ewoh! I dn die abeg ee don do.

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