Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Jokes: You Can Take The Sweets

A little girl went to a shop with her mother. In the shop, the little girl caught a glimpse of a bottle filled with sweets. The shopkeeper noticed her staring at the bottle filled with sweets and said, "Hey cute girl, you can take the sweets if you want them." But the little girl didn't do anything. 

The shopkeeper was surprised and repeated again, "You can have the sweets." But the little girl didn't take the sweets. The mother finally weighed in and said, "You can have the sweets dear." Yet she didn't take it. 

The shopkeeper picked the bottle of sweets himself, poured a bunch of them onto his hand and gave them to her. 

While returning home, the mother asked her daughter, "Why didn't you take the sweets when the shop keeper told you to take them?" The little girl replied, "Because the shopkeeper's hands were bigger than mine."

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