Friday, 8 July 2016

Na Wa ooo... See How This Robber Was Served Jungle Justice (VIEWERS DISCRETION ADVISED)

Today is a terrible day for a robber in Niger day when he attempted to whisk away with money he robbed from a man at gun point. Unfortunately for him, luck refused to shine on him as he was intercepted by a group of angry youth who decided to dash him small sense with beatings of his life.

The incident occurred in, Kpakukun, Minna. It is reported that about N400,000 was the sum he attempted to run away with

The youths beat him to a state where he was literally covered in large pool of blood over his body. I wonder how his blood was not drained out of his system completely?

Without further delay, click on the links below to check them out. As usual, open with caution, my hand no dey.

The only luck he had was that the police came around to prevent him from dying. If not by now he for don dey rehearse wetin to tell God above.

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