Saturday, 30 July 2016

Oh Dear! Blog Reader Ezequiel Narrate Experience of Auto-Crash He Had Yesterday (PICS)

A dear blog reader by name Ezequiel, who base in Kaduna state had shared his story of how he was involved in a car accident along River Kaduna.

He contacted and told me that he was driving on River Kaduna bridge along the express way when he noticed his brakes had failed him completely. Before he could do the needful to stop the car, he was behind a truck which he had a nasty impact that dented his bonnet and broke one of his headlight. 

The truck only had a headlamp damaged where they had an argument. At the end, he settled the truck driver the sum of N2000 for damages incurred on the car.
Thankfully, Ezequiel was unharmed and has taken his car for repairs

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