Friday, 8 July 2016

Ouch!!! What The Things This Did Woman Did To Her Husband Will Leave You Flabbergasted (PICS)

This story is about a man who had a strange ailment which led to the castration of one of his balls. His fiancee showed him alot of support back then which made him love her more.

Unfortunately for him, she decided to show him a different skin colour of her when they were deep in their marriage.

The story is quite long and interesting so if you need a chair and pop corn to get down with it, i fit offer you. lol

Read touching story below:

Just negodu... Marriage these days though... Even when you are certain you know someone to the core before marrying such a person, it still takes God's grace to make things work till golden jubilee anniversary. Chayi!!!

If you were in his shoes, what will you do?

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