Friday, 22 July 2016

See How The Human Should Look Like For It To Survive an Auto-Crash (PICS)

A sculptor from Melbourne, Patricia Piccinini has created the 'perfect' body of what the human being should look like if he is to survive any car crash he might encounter.

The sculpt work above is called Graham and it was created as part of Victorian Government's new road safety campaign. Piccinini drew from the knowledge of trauma surgeon Christian Kenfield and road safety engineer David Logan to build Graham, a body that could withstand a high-speed crash.
Graham has thicker skin, absence of a neck, an inflated chest for his protection. The absence of neck is meant to protect the human from any possible broken neck bones. The skin is meant to protect one from road rash and and friction he might encounter in the course of collision. The inflation of the chest serves like an airbag which would protect the ribs from cracking.
What is also amazing is that the body that is sculpt is also able to protect him if he was a pedestrian.

See more pics below:

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