Friday, 22 July 2016

That Moment Condition of Nigeria Helps Reset Your Destiny For You

As tweeted by TV host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, he says that he was blown away by the ambitions of secondary school graduate careers which is totally different from what used to be the norm.

Read someone's reply to his tweet and see why i wrote that headline:
George's response is very funny but it got me thinking. White collar jobs are not good paying compared to what the students are listing. All hopes of making a good career off banking, journalism, law etc are impeded with the annoying rate of unemployment and absent of jobs vacancies.

You see someone who is good at dancing and is living comfortable, why won't it give people inspiration to delve into the same profession. At least once upon a time, you see a medical doctor and be like 'wow i would love to be like him'

Even if you end up becoming a graduate in school... last last the person would pick a vocation to start a hustle. I know an engineer who currently makes shoes for a living. For naija na wetin u fit use your hand do go bring for table.

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