Wednesday, 20 July 2016

This Is How Much It Costs To Get Selena Gomez To Promote a Brand

With the huge money made from advertising business, various companies seek media outlets and public figures who have wide audience they can get their products advertised.

This is why companies abroad have moved to a trend where they seek the services of celebs who have mad number of followers across various social media platforms.

For someone like Selena Gomez who has over 180 million number of followers (Practically a whole amount of Nigeria's population) across various social media handles world wide, you know that she is a gold to the advertising business.

The picture you see above was used to advertise for Coke and it recorded the highest number of likes ever, with about 4.6 million likes on instagram.

D'Marie has estimated Gomez's social media posts are worth $550,000 when they appear across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook a $300,000 increase from what her brand posts were worth just last December, according to Adweek.  

In an interview with Adweek, D'Marie CEO Frank Spadafora said it is interesting that the most statistically influential person on social media is engaged in far less campaigns than other celebrities.
"Personally, I think it's because she's being smart and she's aware that over-saturating her social feeds with sponsored content could negatively impact the relationship she has with her audience," he said.
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