Friday, 15 July 2016

What Would You Do If Your Wife's Male Friend Buy This Expensive Gift From Her?

A husband is meant to be the provider of needs and wants for the family. Sometimes, it is not in all cases he is able to provide all what is needed for a stable home, which is why at most times the couple have to priotise what is important.

So a man narrated how his wife wanted a phone, which the man was unable to get her as he says he wanted to settle other bills for the home. She went on and got her male friend who was able to buy her a phone for a whooping 100k.

This cause disagreement between the duo and they both have their reasons.

Read full story below:

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  1. Let her return it ooo

  2. It is hard to reason dat a man would buy her a very expensive phone without any ulterior motive or thought