Friday, 22 July 2016

Why Buhari's Anti-Corruption Crusade May Not Work Out As Expected

When President Buhari won the presidential election last year, Nigerians were filled with hopes and expectations that he would come with full force to raise the nation's economy  higher which was sabotaged with incessant corruption and mismanagement of the nations resources.

This led him to go hammer with his anti-corruption crusade to attempt recovering the loots from all those who were in the business of milking the country dry without caution. This is why we have witnessed the trials of people like Dasuki, Fani-Kayode, invites of many suspect who are believed to be among some of the nation's thieves.
In as much it is a good thing as the nation back then was at a brink of national melt down and shortage of financial resources to run the economy, with the series of slow events that has transpired till date, this war against corruption might not turn out as mega as expected. Here is why:
First of, the government is focusing most of their attention on 'how they will collect from looters'. Collecting the money is not enough as it is equal to doing chemotherapy for a cancer patient. The cancer would always grow again after a while if stops. There is no clear strategy on what to do with the money to ensure that corruption does not go back full scale.
Last time i checked, the Federal government has been able to recover about N3trn via their anti-corruption agency EFCC, which they say its the tip  of  the iceberg of what would be recovered. Kudos to that but what would the money be used on? Nobody knows.
Nigeria today has been declared that we are in an economic recession. With the concurrent decline in economic GDP and value decline in money for almost a year going, What is bad in the government using part of the money recovered to strategically balancing the bad state of the economy. At least the government said they would do that. But all we hear is 'NO MONEY. NO MONEY, NO MONEY'. Are all the stated loots recovered paper work or i am missing something?
Secondly, Nigeria's problems are so numerous that if Buhari keeps dwelling on retrieving loot, which is one of the major things he had done in his first year in office, he might achieve so little at the end of the day. Talking about corruption, if the government wants to tackle corruption, there are many types which is visible in every sector of the economy: Political corruption, in the armed forces, in the educational system, in the civil service, in the judicial service, moral corruption and many others which can crack a brain if one is to brainstorm well. Right now, it is only financial corruption that has been the national anthem in the lips of the government which is now a boring melody to the ears of Nigerians are they expect more than what the government is doing now.
From the stated recovered loot, one expect the government to do the needful and try and satisfy first, the psychological needs of the people which involves FOOD!!! Person never chop and you expect him not find means to eat? Serious joke. With the dwindling economy, we hear different reports of what people do to get food for a day. If Nigerians are not stealing from a pot that is on fire, people are willing to sell their children to feed their family. This is not life na.
What am i saying in essence? Time waits for no one. At the blink  of an eye, one year has passed on, leaving the government three more years to try and deliver the mandate given by the electorates. That is also how three years would slide by and the government might not leave a legacy worth remembering. Let the government come up with a better team that can turn the economy around better because all we hear in the media is laying blame game on past administration and comparing us with other nations facing hardship. Their time is gone, dwelling on the past has never helped anybody that wants to be an achiever. We are Nigerians!!! They are on their own lane!!! The same countries never compared themselves with other nations to console themselves.

After all these sermon i have preached... Buhari might look at me like...

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