Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Why Evils?... Scammer Creates Fake GoFundMe Account of Mayowa To Swindle People

Miss Mayowa has been trending on social media when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Her level of emaciation is so drastic and she had been receiving huge donations from a lot of people to help save her life via a gofundme donations, where the sum of over $100,000 was realized in less than a week..

What is more sickening is when a hungry mofo decides to use that as an opportunity to collect money from people using a fake ID of Mayowa's gofundme account.

Someone spotted the fake ID on gofundme, which was created today and has been busy creating an awareness to alert people of the scam... Let someone not dash money to the wrong hands oooo, abeg! The campaign has ended already

People do not fear God  sha... Thank God so far there has been no donations so far.

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