Friday, 5 August 2016

Awesome!!!... Read Story of This 23 Years Old Female Welder From Delta State

Yesterday, i wrote a story of a Nigerian female graduate who is now a shoe maker. Another woman who can do what men can do emerges. This lady's name is Miss Ozoalor who hails from Delta state and has given her ordeal about her story from childhood till date.

Ever since Miss Ozoalor was a teenager, she has always had a passion to take welding as a profession. She decided to learn the work after her secondary school. She attended Gateway to Success Secondary School in Ebu, Oshimili North council area of Delta State.

Her parents wanted her to do feminine works like other young girls do but her heart wanted welding by all means. They were particular about the dangers of getting blind due to the flashing light that shines the eye. Notwithstanding, her parents understood with her and allowed her learn the trade.
Her father died in June 2014 and for that her mother had to relocate to Enugu, their home state, and, being the first child from her mother’s end because her father married three wives, she must put on her thinking cap to make a living for herself and her younger relations. And since 2013 when she completed her training and established herself, she has made a fortune out of welding.

She was admitted into the welders union and was made welfare officer of the association.  Members informed her that she is doing men’s work and as such there is no difference between her and the men in the welders’ association, hence she must enroll with them and be a member of the union.

She gave advise to women who do all sort of negative things to make money. When she talked to, she had this to say: 

“Selling their bodies will take away their respect from them. A woman can do anything in this world; there is nothing that a man can do that a woman cannot do.

“As far as your mind is on it, you can do it. Running up and down and sleeping with men will not help you. Anything a woman puts her mind to do, she can do it as far as she has interest in it. A woman can climb a tree and do anything. She can climb storey buildings and follow men up just as men do it. No man can do anything better than a woman as far as the woman’s mind is on it.

“The thing is in the mind, not in the physical appearance. They should release their mind and do something reasonable. A woman can do anything that a man can do on mother earth as far as I’m concerned. Prostitution is shameful and disgraceful, no good and decent woman should go into it.  “Because they don’t even know who they are sleeping with, but this work, you know what you are doing, there is no fear in you of what may happen to you. But when you are going to the man, you don’t know whether he has disease that can infect you. So, nobody should encourage such lifestyle. It pays to be hardworking and there is a reward for every labour on earth”, she noted.

Read story of the female Nigerian graduatre who is now a shoe maker.

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