Monday, 22 August 2016

Bride in Abia State Scatters Her Wedding, Threatens To Stab Her Groom

Pandemonium broke out between bride, Nkechi Ofor and her husband, Emeka Ofor over a minor issue which resulted into a full blown chaos.

According to reports, Nkechi allegedly had an argument with one of the ushers serving food as it was alleged members of her family were not being served enough foods and drinks, despite she contributing the largest share in the wedding expenses.

It was when the usher was trying to calm her down that she allegedly picked up bottles and started throwing at him.

It was during the noises caused that her husband went to meet her to calm her down. It was there she allegedly told him that she would stab him and herself if her people do not get what they deserved.

The family of the groom also allegedly started throwing bottles which led to a free fight for all as it became a freestyle wrestling contest between the two families.

It was during the fight that one Chisom Ofor, a younger brother of Emeka stabbed someone he thought was the brother to the bride which made him faint immediately. Unfortunately, he turned out to be a guest who came to witness the wedding.

According to Uche Ibiam, an elder brother of the victim,
“he and his junior brother were invited for the wedding by the bride because the bride is their neighbour at their shop.
He narrated that he
“was inside the hall when he started hearing someone shouting stab him, stab him” and that as he made his way to see what was happening, he claimed to have seen Chisom, the groom’s younger brother, stabbing his own brother on the neck and in the process, the victim fainted. Chisom and the rest of the people, alleged, ran away from the scene. 

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