Friday, 26 August 2016

Check Out List Of Rules Lady Gives Her Boyfriend While He Goes on Holiday

Ehem? Money is the dictator of all earthly things. So this young lady millionaire decided she would monitor her boyfriends' activities on a list she compiled he would do while he was on holiday in Ibiza.

Miss Jane Park recently won the sum of One million pounds in UK Euromillions lottery prize and her boyfriend, Connor George was to go for holiday. She ensured that she would control how he would relate with the female folks during his one week holiday.

She even made a T-shirt with an inscription which reads that if you are female and reading this, you are too close. This show how much she tried to restrict his flexing in the town.

He even said he would wear the top with pride throughout the parade.

Guys, you babe wins awoof lottery from somewhere, would you mind her dictating your activities?

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