Thursday, 25 August 2016

Do You Think 200k Salary a Month Is Sufficient For a Family? See The Interesting Debate Going On

In the current state of Nigerian economy where the price of almost everything is double of what it used to be, people are sharing their opinions on if the sum of N200,000 as salary can take care of a family.

Men and women have been sharing various divergent opinions on how feasible such an amount is for a man to take care of his family with.

Enjoy the drama and the insults people reigned on each other:

Personally though i feel it is more than enough if you actually know what to do with money. I can divide the amount like this: My wife will hold 50k as house upkeep and food, me i will hold 50k for myself and other miscellaneous (i know some part will go for the house but no p). 

The rest 100k will be used to take care of children's school fees and their up keep. The rest would be saved small small for me to set her up in business so that we can both share the house expenses. I can not come and go and kill myself.

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