Monday, 22 August 2016

How My Virginity Ruined My Relationship With Genevieve Nnaji - Nollywood Actor Reveals

Looking at the face of this actor Okechukwu Joseph, one would easily recall him easily, though he has gone extremely low key for a while.

He gave an account to The Sun newspaper of how his virginity status ruined his chance of being with fellow Nollywood actress, Genevieve Nnaji when they met on set in a movie.

He said:

“My very short relationship with Genevieve was such a disaster. This is the first time I am admitting this publicly”.

“Genny and I met and became friends on the set of Mark of the Beast. 

"I had no difficulty mingling. What I had issues with was entangling- copulating. And like I said earlier, I wasn't ready because I was a virgin and I didn't want to tell anybody.

I was always making excuses about why I couldn't 'get down.' In fact this is one of the reasons my very short relationship with Genevieve was such a disaster.  Of course in her very early days. It was as though we were in some type of experiment..But I learned a lot about her within that short period”
 He added that the
 “Two unforgettable moments- the day she introduced her little brother to me and the day she told me literally everything about herself. She trusted me that much. My mind was racing like crazy and I kept wondering how so little people knew about this young Amazon who was out to play the Esther for her family and did she? She felt like family to me. She is my kind of woman – classy, clean and confident”.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t go further because of my funny little ‘virgin’ secret. Not that she solicited or asked for anything but of course, my body language was downright repulsive to that effect and it didn’t take anything for any woman with brains to figure it out. She was so full of pragmatic energy and so on-the-go- like woman on a mission. Never ready to play around with stuff she couldn’t put up with. I hope she’s still that way. She has got an incredible story to her glory.”

When asked if he would take things to the ‘next level’ if he had another opportunity with Genevieve, Joseph said,
“I don’t know what you mean by ‘the next level.’ But I would love to play by my rules book at this moment. However, there is not going to be any such opportunity. The young woman has moved on ever so predictably and I’m the happiest for her.”
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