Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Is This Davido's New Girlfriend? (PICS)

Well for a while now, Davido has been posting things about a certain lady that has been making people ask if she is the new madam at the top in his life.

Sometimes on the June 3rd, Davido firstly uploaded a picture of him holding hands with a lady where he captioned 'Paris with love!!!' and people had been asking him wsup with that na.
Asides from that, he has also been posting a blank picture of the name of a lady named Avril (Igbo name is Chioma) and be putting smileys portraying love.
Danagog, one of Davidos' cousins in the HKN gang wished a certain Avril a wonderful birthday where he also asked her to take care of the 'king' for them. Well the only person he would referring to as king logically is OBO!!! The name Avril sounds like a coincidence shey?
Upon venturing into her IG handle, she kept it private which connotes she wants her life to be as private as possible.  However, Davido also follows her, which means they have something to do with each other.

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