Monday, 1 August 2016

Jokes: Akpos and Okon

Akpos and Okon are roommates in the city. So one day, Okon borrowed Akpos N8,000 to travel to his village. He promised to pay when he comes back in a month time. One month passed, Okon did not show up. Two months Okon is still no were to be found.

Akpos got tired of waiting and decided to call him on phone. Akpos called him 10 times but he refused to pick the call. Akpos got upset and went straight to a pay phone center.

“Hello! Hello!” says Akpos through the phone
“Who am I on to?” asked Okon
“Is me Akpos, your roommate”
“Hello! I can’t hear you well. The line is breaking.”
“Can you hear me now? I have shifted”
“No! I can’t even hear you at all”
“Can you here me?”
“No! just call me later”
“If you like hear me, if you like don’t hear me. I just called to let you know that landlord was here today”
“For what? I thought we have paid him”
“hmm! This one pass rent. He came with her daughter Ekaite and some policemen” says Akpos.
Okon shouted “Are you serious?”.
“For your information, Ekaite is 2 months pregnant for you”
“Jesus! Am finished o o. Akpos please what do I do now?”
“Can you hear me?” asked Akpos.
“YES!!! Very clearly” replied Okon.
“OK, Where is my N8,000?”

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