Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Jokes: Ebuka and His Oga

Ebuka told his Oga to pick him up after his WAEC Commerce exam at d Commercial Secondary School where he registered. He was given d question paper and one of d questions read: "Differentiate between a Warehouse and a Shop" (20marks).

After much thinking he smiled and wrote his answer as fast as he could: Warehouse is at Ojota while Shop is at Alaba market. Then he submitted d paper and went to meet his Oga:
OGA: Ebuka, how far? How e be?
EBUKA: E dey so simple Oga. Question number three say make we differentiate between a warehouse & a shop.
OGA: Ehen-ehen...Wetin u come write?
EBUKA: Hmmm. I write say "warehouse dey for Ojota & shop dey for Alaba.
OGA: So na d only thing wey u write be dat?
EBUKA: Yes Oga.
OGA: Chinekemee!!! U dey craze Common go back & put d phone numbers & our complete address. silly boy! Na so una dey lose customers!

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