Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Jokes: Trou Faux

Akpos went for a conference in France. Since he did not understand French language, he decided to hire a translator to ease his communication. He went and bought serious market and hired a very hot lady who helped him with dialogue.

After the conference, one thing led to another and she escorted him to his hotel room. Before they knew what was happening, they started knacking each other.

She started screaming "Trou Faux! Trou Faux!!!" very loud. Akpos thought she meant f*ck me harder and he gave her his all. She did not waste time and ran away from him.

The next day, he was bragging to his colleague about how he dealt with his translator in the  sheets till she had to run from him. He then told him about what she was shouting all through.. 'Trou Faux'.

His colleague then shouted "You Fool! She was telling you Wrong Hole".

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