Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Ladies, Things You Should Not Do When You Are With Your Man's Friends

Earlier, i made a post about things a guy should not do in front of his girlfriend's friends, i am back again with the opposite to balance the story. So straight to the point, the points below showcase this:
  1. In a scenario where she meets the men in public drinking, if she drinks as well, she must not compete and drink to stupor to show she belongs. This would send a bad signal to the men as they would consider her cheap for hit and run excercise.
  2. The lady should not be too argumentative. Yes oooo, she should not always prove she is right in everything. It has its pros and cons. Being reserved always has its plus sides. Being too expressive brings an unhealthy competition which men do not like in any way. It would be surprising to note that his friends might want him to ditch her because of this.
  3. Never over-analyze your man's friends: Women in a bid to want the best for him would want him to roll with only those friends she likes. It is then you see her trying to convince him not to be friends with one of them because 'he is bad influence'... She should learn to accept them for one of their unique ways and only intervene when she feels the friend would want to indulge him in one bad thing or the other.
  4. Do not be bias:  Do not say you will only hang out with his male friends alone. She is to also roll with his female friends. There is nothing more sexy to a man than seeing that she can be with his women friends and not feel any form of jealousy. He can knack his head on  the ground for you, trust me.
  5. Don’t break the “Bro Code” even if your boyfriend already did:
    So he may have told you about some of their goofy/secret things, but you don’t need to let them know that you know about it. Once you refer to any of those secrets, you’re going to put him in a very awkward position.
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