Friday, 19 August 2016

Lady Declared Wanted For Allegedly Committing Offences To Them

A guy has used social media to call out a lady on Facebook for taking back more than double of what they took from her. 

So the lady pictured above,  Asuoden Gingham according to the guy, had a foursome with them and after their business she gave them back what they never expected.

She not only gave the three guys gonorrhea, she also whisked away with their phones and laptop he put them on blast.

Read his version of the story below: 

 Hehe read some comments people left for OBMoni
But #SMH... how will a guy on a normal day not "DO" without strapping a c*ndom on? Not to mention having three guys gang banging a lady. My opinion? Serves them right!!!

Another photo of the lady below:

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