Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Lawdamercy!!! See How Fraudsters Took Advantage Of This Little Sick Girl To Make Money (PICS)

Sometimes when people blatantly refuse to give alms or make donation to the less privilege, it not an act of wickedness but fear of the money being siphoned by the wrong people.

This little girl pictured above with big belly is critically ill and was being used by a group of fraudsters who paraded around Trade Fair Complex in Lagos and posed as an NGO seeking donations to treat her.

This is how they were caught:
An elderly woman was reported to have sighted them doing their usual business and asked them which NGO they represented. The woman could not produce any form of identification and was reported to have even told the elder woman to mind her business.

When the woman accused her of being a fraud, she then quietly told her "Nigeria is hard... I cannot do ashawo... man must survive".

Upon knowing what they were up to, the woman raised alarm to a nearby soldier of the situation at hand.

When the matter escalated to that extent, the leader (woman) began to plea for mercy and began to confess what the real story is all about.

According to her, she claimed the girl was brought from Abuja while her co-worker in green top claimed the girls' parents stay at Orile, Coker in Lagos. 
When the stories became contradictory, they asked the girl of her own version and she told them that her parents stay in a village in Abakaliki, Ebonyi state.

She also told them that they brought her straight from the village and was asked to smile and wave at people for them to donate money to them.

E come be like nollywood movie abi? The plot never end oooo, it gets worse....
Now to the twisted part of the story... Coincidentally, there is a nearby police station where the arrest could have been made. But ironically, the cops told people that it was not their business. Reports also say that one of the policemen tried to make the soldier in the scene to kill the case and move on with life. 

Police who tried negotiating with the soldier pictured above

Nigerian my country, when will things get better? It means the police are working hand in hand with them.

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