Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Meet The Man With The Longest Finger Nails in Africa (PHOTOS)

Meet John Waweru, 34 years old man from Kenya who wants to get a slot into the guinness book of world records for having the longest nails recorded in history. 

With his hustle, he has been able to grow up to 30 centimetres long and wants to grow more. Omo na the size of ruler be that oooo.

At the moment, his nails are his source of income as it earns him between KSH 2,000-10,0000 (N6000-32000) daily through tourist attraction.

But you know say this kyn thing go deprive him of many things. Can't fit wash plate, bath well or even cover his body well when he sleep just for him not to break it. The stress involved sha.

His inspiration came from the man holding the current record for longest nails who hail from India, Shridhar Chillal.

His image below:

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