Thursday, 11 August 2016

My Take On Nasiru Jagaba's Resignation

For sometimes now I have tried to steer clear the discussion about Nasiru Jagaba's resignation from his job and how some people have chosen to build an empty wall around it, spreading lies and propaganda. these people made it look as if Jagaba was a political appointee who resigned his political appointment just for him to lead the SOKAPU youth wing. it is a lie and a total calculated attempt in order to score cheap political points that does not exist. well I may blame Nasiru a bit due to the fact that he did not state clearly in his press conference the kind if job he resigned from. 
Well, to the best of my knowledge, Nasiru Jagaba is a civil servant, working with the state government and was sometimes back transferred to work in the due process department which have its office right inside the government house and not a political appointee, appointed by Mallam Nasiru Elrufai. Nasiru Jagaba joined the civil service long before Elrufai thought of becoming the governor of our dear state; and as a civil servant, Mallam Nasiru Elrufai's tenure would've come and pass while that of Nasiru Jagaba had remained. My wonder is, Nasiru Jagaba was and remained a civil servant during those days of Governor Hero's anti people government, a governor that referred to the southern Kaduna Elders as nonentity which my mentor and Nasiru Jagaba's uncle, a PDP giant Mr Gumbari was one of those elders and yet Nasiru Jagaba did not deem it fit to resign until now that Elrufai is the governor and he felt Elrufai is not doing the needful? 
Well I later gave myself the right answer as I have known for sometimes that I was one of those that advocated that anyone who is under the employment of the state should not be allowed to head SOKAPU base on my personal conviction that as a civil servant, you can hardly cough not to talk if speaking for the generality of the Southern Kaduna People; and I stand of the opinion that it is the same reason why our dear GURARA FORUM has had this level of growth within a short while of its establishment. so therefore, I stand if the opinion that Nasiru Jagaba is a sharp guy and a focused person who has come to realise that if he continue to hold the position of a civil servant and the of the head I'd the SOKAPU YOUTHS, he may end up failing the union and have decided to let go the civil service job in order to concentrate on leading the sokapu youths. 
Thinking deep through this variables has provided an answer to my other question as to why Jagaba did not resign during Yero. the simple answer us, JAGABA WAS NOT THE SOKAPU YOUTH WING LEADER during the administration of Yero and at such, he maintained his civil service status. My advice to the sokapu leader is to be careful with such people who will clap, hail, and chant your praises when you decide to spat your boss, slap him, tear your appointment letter and bounce out of the job. 
I assure you that they will be the same set I'd people that will laugh at you and call you names when your children are sent away from school due to tour inability to pay the bills. they will be the same people that will advertise you to the world when you make little mistakes in life. they will be the same people who will gossip about your lack and your weakness. I KNOW THEM ONE BY ONE!!!
Written by: Sabo Garba Douglas

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