Thursday, 11 August 2016

Ouch! Check Out Horrifying Moment Weight Lifter Dislocated His Arm At The Olympics (PICS)

It is one thing to be booted out of the rio Olympics for not being able to hit the necessary points to qualify for the next round. But when you sustain a serious injury that would prevent you from competing, it is just a sorry case.

This is exactly what happened to Armenian weight lifter, Andranik Karapetyan when his elbow shifted its location on his hands as he was carrying a 195 kg bar bell.

He was able to carry it during the first round. But as he was about to carry the second round, his arm gave up strength and the unfortunate incident occurred.

You can imagine the pain he felt throughout as he was taken to the hospital for medical attention.
They say pictures are worth a thousand words, so use the next set of pics to depict the history in motion.

Hmmmm, this years' Olympics and the  drama of people having one bad omen or the other... Diariz God oooo...

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